DIY Floating Candles

DIY Floating Candles

In the spirit of this Autumn weather, here’s a quick and easy way to make your own floating candles without having to splurge on the real deal!



  • a tea candle
  • lighter
  • another candle (tapers are easiest!)
  • a vase, pint glass, or other water tight vessel
  • water
  • optional: greens, flowers, rocks or stones, food coloring



  • Assemble your vessel: place your rocks, gems, flowers and greens how you’d like them. Single stem flowers or flower petals are always an easy (and pretty) option! If you’re using fake flowers or greens, consider that the colors might bleed into the water.
  • Fill your vessel with water, but remember to leave some space at the top for displaced water from your floating candle. If you plan on dying your water, do this now.
  • Carefully remove your tea candle from its metal or plastic casing. Sometimes they pop right off, but other times you might have to twist the candle a little and pry it out.
  • Flip your tea candle upside down to expose the underside of the candle and the metal base of the wick (the little metal circle on the bottom). Light your tapered candle and drip melted wax directly onto the bottom of the tea candle, covering the wick base. This will create a seal on your tea candle. You can blow out the taper candle at this point.
  • Allow the wax on the bottom of your tea candle to set and dry.
  • Once your tea candle base is dry and sealed, you can flip it back so the wick is on top. Carefully place your candle into your vessel with water and light! Note: if the wick of your tea candle becomes wet, you’ll need to wait for it to dry in order to properly light it.


Since your new floating candle is smaller than most store-bought floating candles, these can float easily in narrower vessels and can be more versatile!
Add plastic gemstones, rocks, greens, flowers, dye and more to your arrangement. Floating candle arrangements are nice because you can give them any color scheme or theme you can think of!
Here is a C&J creation by our floral team with store bought floating candles. In these arrangements, the client wanted gold stones and soft pink flowers to complement their navy linens.
Have you tried this? We’d love to see what you’ve assembled! Tag us on Instagram: @C_and_J_Catering


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