Boost Morale Post-COVID!

Boost Morale Post-COVID!

As in-person experiences have changed drastically this year due to COVID, a reopening celebration for your business with a food station for your clients & guests could potentially be impossible. COVID has affected the way food is perceived, so it’s important that if you’re ready to invest in a food item for your clients or guests, you consider alternate options in order to get the most bang for your buck! Additionally, going above and beyond to show your appreciation for clients could score you some added business which is always a plus.

  • PREPACKAGED TREATS & DESSERTS | Who doesn’t want something sweet? Treat your guests to individually packaged & labeled parfaits, a prepackaged housemade cookie with your branding, or our housemade chips in a bag for the perfect afternoon snack. These treats are easy to display safely, easy to store, and are even easier to eat!


  • POKE BOWLS | Boost your team’s morale and treat them to lunch that doesn’t require you to leave your office. Our poke bowls are trendy (and delicious) but are also a great option because they’re room temperature. Your team can grab their meals when they get out of that meeting, swing by the office to pick up items from their desk – and you don’t have to worry about keeping the food hot OR cold.


  • SANDWICH PLATTER SPIN | Enjoy our classic sandwich selections, just packaged individually. This allows your clients or team a safe lunch experience, but also easy to grab & go for clients to enjoy later!


  • BOXED HOT LUNCHES | Still need a hot lunch? We still do that too. We offer a completely safe hot lunch prepackaged with the works. We’d love to assist you in creating a sense of normalcy around the office – and a boxed hot lunch could be the perfect way to make things feel “normal.”


  • FRESH OPTIONS DAILY | We are excited to now offer our micro market vending option, complete with an app to scan the food right out of the cooler! This means no high-touch payment screens (which is very important now!) We are happy to stock your coolers as needed with fresh salads, sandwiches, deli sides, meals for reheat and desserts as well as your favorite dry goods: chips, nuts, candy and more! All our fresh foods are made in house, and what’s better than swinging by a business and being able to grab a fresh lunch for the road? Reach out to our team for more information on how you can incorporate a fresh vending cooler into your office or lobby for your own team or to keep potential clients in your lobby just a little longer!


  • FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS | Plants make people happy! Include a pop of color in your lobby with arrangements by our floral team. Whether you’re looking for a replaceable biweekly arrangement in your company’s branded colors or just a little something to brighten everyone’s day, we’re happy to help.


As always, we’re happy to serve you. Reach out to us anytime to inquire about our drop & go meals perfect for a family dinner or any of the above options! We’re looking forward to helping you navigate this new normal.